Decorating 101: How to get creative with storage

Rental properties typically do not have a lot of space for you to work with and storage is frequently a challenge.

  • The first step is doing a big inventory of your things before moving in. If you have an object or article of clothing that you have not used in over a year (and has no sentimental value attached to it) then donate it, give it away or sell it.
  • Consider using the kitchen counters walls for storage by hanging a line of hooks close to the ceiling to organize pots and pans. You can also mount a magnetic strip to store for knives.
  • Pay a visit to the Container Store or IKEA and make a small investment for attractive storage containers that can be displayed openly on shelving units.
  • Add asymmetrical shelving along one wall to provide ample storage for books and home accents (as an added bonus, it will also be a design piece in itself).
  • When choosing your furniture, try to find pieces that also have storage such as ottomans, side tables, coffee tables, trundle beds or benches.

5 Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Getting your security deposit back is a legitimate concern for a lot of renters. Aside from the typical cleaning, there are some key factors that renters should know about to protect themselves and their money.

1. Document and Notify
First time renters often feel uneasy about taking pictures or otherwise documenting issues with the rental when they first move in. Please understand that WE WILL NOT BE OFFENDED if you photograph or videotape and bring to our attention any issues that are going on inside the house either before moving in or during your lease period. We understand that problems arise, and it is better to be on the same page from beginning to end. Developing a mutual understanding of what you may be responsible for is an essential part of any lessee/lessor relationship. In fact, we give two full weeks from the time you move in to notify us of any issues with the rental. We can decide together whether it is something that needs to be fixed or just noted on the agreement so that you are not responsible.

2. Ongoing Care
Try not to wait until the last week to fix everything that may be broken in the house, and don’t rely on a cleaning service to fix things that are better treated as preventative measures in the first place. Treating things like regular cleaning, landscaping, and simple maintenance as ongoing responsibilities is the best way to ensure that the rental will be in good condition when you move out.

3. Do the Walk-Through
At the end of the lease, the hands-down safest bet for getting back the security deposit is to do a walk-through. We will discuss problem areas and give the renter the opportunity to correct any issues, or quote a price for a third party to do so. The typical rate for cleaning from our cleaners is around $30/hour. We can tell you approximately how long we think it will take, and work with you to find the best solution for everyone. We highly recommend scheduling this walk through a week in advance of the end of the lease to ensure a time that works best for your schedule.

4. Prepare for the Unavoidable
It is our practice to clean the carpets and drapes between each renter. This is unfortunately a cost that cannot be avoided, no matter how strict your “No Shoes” policy. However, the good news is, like our cleaning service, we have agreements with carpet cleaners in town that are typically half of what a renter might pay on their own.

5. Watch Out For
We’ve seen it all, but there are a few things we see more often than others – dirty or broken light fixtures, dirty window tracks, and broken towel bars are some of the most frequent issues that we come across.

We Want You to Be Happy
Ultimately, we want our renters to be happy with their home. If you feel that you are not being treated fairly, or that the rental is not up to par, we want to know about it. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We have a variety of avenues for our renters to reach us – you can use the Contact Us page of our website, Facebook Page, or call us directly.


Welcome to the Von Klein Property Management blog. We hope your time with us is a good experience. In these posts we will try to educate first time renters on what to expect, we hope to answer questions you may have and stay in contact with our tenants as they go through the school year. We will also post new rental opportunities on the site and even highlight neighborhoods in the surrounding areas.

Review of Von Klein Property Management

We hear a lot of good things from our tenants and we read some bad ones on line. Here is a review in Yelp that had been filtered out. It is the real deal. Written by Kerry Plain on 3/20/2012.

Thank you Kerry!

“We had an absolutely phenominal experience with Von Klein Property Management and everyone associated with them… and under unusual circumstances!  My son transferred to school the day before it started in September of 2011. We drove from Northern California with a fully loaded car and no place for him to live.  We found Hilliard House, and Bryan, and moved in within 3 hours of our arrival – into a beautifully maintained property with a resonably priced unit for him.  I felt 100% comfortable leaving him in a great location and with great people!  While we had signed a 1 year lease,  for medical reasons, my son had to return home after 4 months and Bryan and Von Klein did everything they could to re-rent his unit so that they could let us out of our lease, which they were able to do within 2 months of his departure.  We could not have asked for more co-operation, understanding and help from anyone.  They even were kind enough to send us the  remaining clothes he had left in the dryer!   It is  very reassuring to happen upon such professional, caring people and I would recommend them without hesitation! “

Von Klein Property Management Review

We would like to thank Jay for taking his time to write this review and even though Yelp decided to hide it,  we felt it should be out there.

6/7/2011 Jay H.

“I had a fairly pleasant time renting from this company. Rented from them for 2 years, and didnt have any problems with them. My on-site managers were very nice and considerate. Long as you pay your rent on time and dont complain every 5 minutes, from my experience, you’ll be fine. I rented from a few other companies that deal with on campus rentals and I think they were sub par compared to Von Klein.”