Featured Property: Kokanee Place

Photos By Peter Dustrud
Photos By Peter Dustrud

When you set foot inside Kokanee Place, you will immediately discover that this is not your typical campus apartment. This became obvious to us when it was fully leased long before the project was even completed in August of 2009!

Kokanee Place is one of the properties we manage for Paradigm Properties (locally owned by University of Oregon graduates). Like other Paradigm Properties, it was built with an emphasis on security, sustainability and value. It was designed by Eugene based Dustrud Architecture p.c. with the student in mind: a unique living space that stimulate learning and inspire personal growth, but at an affordable price.

And we have to say, they nailed it!

There is a reason Kokanee Place is widely considered to be the most desirable campus area housing units. When giving tours, most people taken aback by the undeniable wow factor throughout the building: the unusually spacious living quarters and bedrooms, the unique and environmentally sound architecture, the stylish commons area, twenty foot high vaulted ceiling, stunning views of Eugene and beyond and more.

The building, located on 1570 High Street in Eugene, is comprised of three-story townhouses that include four large bedrooms (with a large study desk in each), two and a half baths, a balcony off the living room (perfect place to study or relax on a nice day) and more.

Residents enjoy the short walk to campus, separate bicycle storage locker, granite countertops and desks, stainless appliances, free Internet, low utility bills and much more.

Kokanee is just something you must see for yourself to believe. To learn more visit www.vonkleinrentals.com.

On February 5, 2014 we began leasing The Commons, The Steelhead, Kokanee Place, Indigo Place, The Prefontaine and 1856 Onyx Alley House for 2014-2015 school year. On March 4, 2014 we will begin accepting applications and setting appointments for all other properties. Please call us at (541) 485-7776 to learn more about any properties you are interested in leasing.