von Klein Property Management is a Family Affair

von Klein
Larry and Carmen von Klein

Larry & Carmen von Klein

There are three things you should know about von Klein Property Management:

#1 We are a family company led by Larry and Carmen von Klein.
#2 We are real estate professionals who take a great deal of pride in our properties.
#3 We are MAJOR (we mean big time) U of O fans! Go Ducks!!

Larry and Carmen von Klein have been managing apartments since attending the University of Oregon.  Larry saw a need for a “hands-on” professional management company to properly manage the apartments and commercial properties.

He envisioned proper quality management and guidance involving the same criteria he had established as a Commercial Real Estate Broker.  Thus the partnership of von Klein Property Management began with Carmen von Klein managing the company.   Since that time, they have been property managers, owners and developers.

The operation of this company involves long term and very loyal employees, knowledgeable contractors, quality resident managers, and loyal vendors all having the same “24-7” attitude of professional management with value enhancement as the goal.

This mid-size family company also includes son Larry Jr., a partner in the business, and daughter-in-law Lauren (both University of Oregon graduates). Daughter Christine von Klein Clapp rounds out the family business background with her extensive escrow and mortgage experience.

This company’s track record speaks for itself. With great clients, pride of ownership properties, and excellence business relationships, von Klein Property Management remains an outstanding business in the community with a stellar reputation.

In addition to their business ventures, Larry, Carmen and many employees engage in a multitude of University of Oregon activities and strong community involvement. While still maintaining an active role in the company, Larry continues his brokerage activities, von Klein and Associates, LLC, Investment Real Estate.

As a family company, we understand that relationships mean everything. We would love to meet you and invite you to come see us during our business hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 4pm and Saturday 11am – 2pm!

To learn more about Larry Von Klein and his history with the U of O Ducks, The Von Klein Team: Winning with Duck Power

Off Campus Apartment Safety Tips

Photo Source: ducktv.uoregon.edu
Photo Source: ducktv.uoregon.edu

It can be argued that neighborhoods near college campuses tend to have higher rates of property crime in many cities, and Eugene is no exception. Taking sensible precautions is the best way to reduce your chance of becoming a victim yourself. Here are a few steps you can take now to help protect yourself, and your stuff!

Protect Yourself

*Be Present. Know your surroundings. Save that text for when you reach your destination.

*Use the Buddy System. If possible, avoid traveling alone at night.

*Look for the light. Use well-lit paths after dark, and avoid bushes or dense shrubbery.

*Trust your instincts. If something or someone seems suspicious, avoid the person or leave and call 911 immediately.

*Have your keys ready in hand when walking to your home or vehicle.

Protect Your Stuff

*Laptops, clothes, and stereo equipment are among the most commonly stolen property. Do not leave these items unattended.

*If you must travel with valuables and leave them in your car, keep them out of sight, preferably in the trunk.

*Never keep your vehicle title, credit cards, wallet, purse, cash or other important documents inside your vehicle.

*Park in well-lit areas.

*Always lock doors and windows including your residence and vehicles.

*EPD is offering steering wheel locks for sale at the wholesale price of $12.50. You can buy one at the Eugene police substation at E. 13th Avenue and Alder Street.

*Don’t prop open building, laboratory or office doors.

*For bicycles: Register your bike online at parking.uoregon.edu/content/bicycle-registration.

*Use a U Bolt-type lock. Cable or chain locks can be cut in seconds.

Below are a few more helpful links with safety tips, and emergency numbers. Stay safe out there!




For more information:

On campus:

UO Police Department
Emergencies: CALL 911
Non-emergencies: Call 541-346-2919

Off campus:

Eugene Police Department
Emergencies: CALL 911
Non-emergencies: 541-682-5111
Crime Prevention: 541-682-5178