Local Spotlight – Eugene Sunday Streets

Get ready to hit the pavement! Eugene’s Sunday Streets are back for another day of fitness classes, biking, live music, vendors, food, yoga, dancing, and much more! The event will be taking place on September 25th in the South University neighborhood from Noon to 4PM. Best of all, these community … continue →

Even the Score with UO $CORE


How much do you spend on electricity a month? What about water? Is it higher than you’d like to be spending? What if we told you that you could be helped with your bills and do your part to help the greater good in the process? That’s exactly the … continue →

Zipcar Around Eugene

As much as we love biking (and we really, really love biking), there are certain times when you simply need a car. The problem is, if you’re not a car owner this can often amount to the awkward begging of friends for a ride.

Well, say goodbye to unnecessary groveling, … continue →

It’s Party Time! Do You Know About the Social Host Ordinance?


4th of July is approaching and you’re no doubt already planning your own party and/or being invited to get-togethers with friends. Before you get too carried away with planning your BBQs and events, however, you should keep the Social Host Ordinance in mind.

Wait, the What?

The Social Host … continue →

Five Fabulous Local Parks to Visit this Spring

Sure, it may be cold and wet outside now but the blissful days of spring and summer will be here before you know it!  Next time we have a warm sunny day in the weather forecast, we recommend getting outdoors!  These five local parks are an ideal spot to soak … continue →

Generations of Oregon Ducks Fans

“…this is the utopia of being a Duck” – Larry von Klein in Mighty Oregon

When you step into Larry von Klein’s office, a.k.a. the “Duck Cave” there is no questioning his long time love for the University of Oregon Ducks. In fact, Larry and his wife Carmen have been … continue →

Seven Reasons to Be a Volunteer

For many college students, juggling busy class schedules, jobs, exams and social activities make it challenging to find time for yourself, let alone for helping others. But if you’re able to fit the time in, even if it’s alongside a part-time, paying campus job, it could be worth your while … continue →

von Klein Property Management is a Family Affair

There are three things you should know about von Klein Property Management:

#1 We are a family company led by Larry and Carmen von Klein. #2 We are real estate professionals who take a great deal of pride in our properties. #3 We are MAJOR (we mean big time) U … continue →

Spotlight on Eugene: a.k.a. Track Town USA


It is well known that Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, but if you look closer, the city is also known for its natural beauty, eclectic shops, restaurants, music, festivals, arts, and outdoor recreational opportunities like bicycling, kayaking, and running.

Eugene is often referred to as … continue →